Marketing & Branding Services

Your Company Logo: Your First Impression to the World

First impressions matter, especially in the business world. Your company logo is like a firm handshake with the world. It's the first thing people see, and it sets the tone for your brand. But let's face it, creating a memorable logo is only the first step. You need a complete and cohesive branding plan that includes colors, fonts, taglines, images, and more. It's time to ask yourself, what does your logo and branding say about your business?

At J Horth Associates, we understand the power of a strong brand. We know how to take your logo and turn it into a brand that will make your business soar to new heights!

Our team will work with you to develop a branding plan that includes:

  • Color schemes that reflect your brand's personality
  • Fonts that are legible and memorable
  • Taglines that capture the essence of your brand
  • Images that are eye-catching and memorable
  • A cohesive message that resonates with your customers